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Day 1 - Does someone already did it and is it possible ?

Existing solutions

After some web search, I found only one solution that allows me to configure my SWSC (I keep it short :) : StrategicEngine 1.3.
This tool is quite effective and it provides the basics:
  • an interface to map the touch to keyboard keys
  • the possibility to load / save configurations

The 'record' function is missing and it has two drawbacks:
  • It's no more supported - even its website is closed
  • It's not open-source - I can't improve it for my needs


I was able to create a simple console application that reads entries from the SWSC based on those two resources:
That is quite promising: one day to retrieve the input from the device was quicker than expected!
I don't know what will be the next issues, but I will try to create a new SWSC editor and we will see if I can avoid the next issues!

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clasificado May 13, 2013 at 5:13 AM 
Thanks for this. I'll see i if can help with this code.